Extraordinary Humans

The first race of the 2024 season saw the launch of our global brand campaign with new Client, Formula 1, celebrating the ‘Extraordinary Humans’ behind the machines. The new campaign celebrates the superhuman nature of Formula 1, throwing the spotlight on the exceptional abilities of the men and women that take the sport to another level making each Grand Prix weekend a spectacle to behold. What it takes to be an F1 Driver is simply mind blowing: twice the G-force of a space shuttle launch every time they brake, hearts beating at 190 BPM, and every blink at 230 MPH is 20 metres of darkness. This isn't just driving a car; this isn't a game. This is Formula 1.
The ‘campaign aims to capture the attention of new fans throughout the 24 race weekends across the year, while deepening the interest and frequency of recently-claimed fans, onboarded by successful Formula 1-branded content, such as the critically-acclaimed Netflix series; Drive to Survive.T he campaign will run globally, but the USA will be a key focus for new audiences. It launched at the Bahrain race weekend in March 2024 with a high-octane 60” Hero film, splicing x-ray visual techniques with existing Formula 1 race footage to illustrate that these are no ordinary humans whilst viscerally showcasing the extraordinary feats that the drivers endure. The hero spot will be complemented by 30” and 15” cut-downs, as well as supporting social, DOOH, radio and other digital activity running across Formula 1’s unique global distribution network of broadcasters, host cities and partners.