Costa Coffee

In pursuit of perfection since 1971

Running in 13 markets including the UK and China, the campaign centres on the insight that the Olympic games are about so much more than the result on the day and the final performance; they are representative of the daily commitment, incremental gains and daily pursuit of perfection each athlete has embarked on. Each piece of creative aims to capture the emotion behind this pursuit and shines a light on the parallels between this daily dedication to perfection by both the athletes and Costa Coffee, who constantly strive for that perfect cup of coffee, every day.  

The campaign shows that no Costa Coffee is ever just a coffee, it’s the result of a 50-year commitment to quality and an unrelenting pursuit of coffee perfection. Similarly, for athletes, the Olympic Games is so much more than one event. It is the culmination of a lifetime’s worth of training; the result of pushing day in and day out to achieve greatness.  

The campaign is Costa Coffee’s most integrated ever, from film, OOH and radio advertising right through to social media, packaging and gamification, in-store and activations.