Pablo wins NHS Blood & Transplant account

NHSBT Give Blood need nearly 700 new donors every day to cover the country’s blood requirements.

Pablo’s appointment of the NHS Blood and Transplant advertising account is marked by our new TV campaign—urging people to bleed for the things that matter to them. The core strategy seeks to reinforce the reasons why people love where they live, and why it’s worth bleeding for.

The hero film “Whistle” uses the analogy of a traditional British milkman delivering milk to those that need it, kicking off a year of activity under the “Bleed For…” umbrella.

NHSBT - bleed for the things that matter

“With this campaign, we want to encourage people to become donors by making them feel closer to those who are in need of blood,” says Mark Sng, Planning Partner at Pablo.

“We’ve used the metaphor of a milkman: an iconic symbol for our local communities delivering pints of blood to those in need. We wanted people to feel warm and fuzzy about the idea of the friendly milkman figure in a regular community before realising that he’s delivering bottles of blood to those in need, which is where the real impact is. We have tried to create a piece that is both welcoming and arresting in equal measures to affect people emotionally and deliver the truth about what it takes to keep the country going strong,” says Tim Snape, ECD at Pablo.

The spot features past blood donation recipients and current blood donors and is voiced over by Academy Award-winning Jim Broadbent.