Resus Council UK

80% of cardiac arrests happen at home and are therefore more likely to affect someone close to you, a family member or someone you live with. But sadly, performing this life saving skill is one of the first aid measures that people, feel least confident performing. 


The ‘Connor Swindells’ manikin is the first of a series of manikins that Pablo and Resuscitation Council UK plan to launch in the near future, more representative of the society in which we live. The first manikin of Swindells – of Sex Education fame - is set to go on a tour around schools, community groups and workplaces across the UK in a bid to boost Britain’s ability and confidence to perform life-saving CPR.


This will be supported by an entertaining, tongue in cheek film “The Manikin You’d Want to Save”, featuring Connor himself, performing the basic skills needed to perform CPR, as well as activity on TikTok and other social channels. A national OOH campaign featuring our unique ‘CPQR’ code will also push the initiative, driving the audience to learn the key steps of resuscitation in just under two minutes.