Pablo, Natwest & ITV launch campaign to support SME's

Pablo, NatWest and ITV have created a campaign to celebrate and champion small businesses, boosting them with a unique blend of business support and media collaboration. This is the first in a series of ads, and a call to all SME's to apply now to win their own TV campaign and business support. 

As the UK faces a recession, we wanted to celebrate the UK’s extraordinary small businesses, that are the lifeblood of the economy, crucially linked to job creation and helping the nation prosper. And we know one thing that can help in times of recession is confidence. Inspiring confidence at a time of uncertainty is invaluable, creating a sense of optimism that builds its own momentum, becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy.  

So Pablo, NatWest and ITV have partnered to offer three small businesses a professionally filmed and produced advertisement complete with tailored airtime, a boost worth over £150,000 to each business. There are also 40 runners-up prizes including places on NatWest’s Accelerator programme for entrepreneurs and 1:1 coaching sessions.