Take your mind where your body can't go right now with Sonic Escapes

Right now, global uncertainty is at an all time high, with people working and living in the same environment, unable to travel freely and have a break.

Having a break is really important, so we created a series of Sonic Escapes that allow peoples minds to travel where their bodies cant at the moment.      

Working with Felt Music’s binaural sound experts, Pablo and Huawei have created a series of ten minute Sonic Escapes putting the listener at the centre of immersive unique getaways to Jamaica, Mexico and Morocco, all of which were recorded last year using 360° binaural technology. Listeners can expect to enjoy exciting adventures from the jungle to the sea, including a frantic souk in Marrakech, the sun-drenched streets of Kingston, Jamaica, as well as vibrant Tulum in Mexico. Here, listeners can enjoy cutting-edge innovation teamed with dynamic entertainment content, to help shut the world out, refresh and give their mind a break without interruption, or unwanted sounds.  

Very early results have been excellent, with over a 2.5 million downloads over the first week.