Reminding a nation of their love for bread

For the first time in over two years, Hovis is back on air from the 21st May with a national TV campaign, supported in VoD and in social.

At a time where bread has fallen somewhat out of fashion, the TV spot celebrates how important bread is in everyday life & how we often take for granted this cupboard essential – ‘It’s just bread’. It aims to remind audiences that Hovis has been foundation of modern family life; to transport the brand in the British consciousness from the nostalgic hill in ‘Boy on a bike’ all the way to present day.

Showcasing the Hovis Soft White range, the spot draws on the everyday occasions that the brand touches, and reflects them beautifully back, reminding us how many of the moments we love are intertwined with Hovis and how often we count on it to get us through. It’s a snapshot of ‘life on bread’ to warm the heart, one toasty slice at a time.