NHSBT - Leave Them Certain

Pablo launches Leave Them Certain campaign featuring real families

Following last year’s “Pass It On” campaign that helped raise awareness around the change in law for organ donation, Pablo have created a campaign called “Leave them certain” - to motivate people to have the conversation about organ donation with family members and close friends. 
Although over 80% of people would consent to or consider organ donation, if it's never been discussed, families find it very difficult to have to make the decision on their behalf. The key message of this campaign is that we can reduce the burden on our loved ones by having the conversation and letting our families know what we would like to happen.  
The campaign dramatises, through real life stories, the stress and anxiety of a family member who was left not knowing their loved ones decision. 
In the hero film we follow the real memories of a relationship between a young man, Shivum and his Dad, Bharat who passed away in 2019. The film features real home video footage of their life shared together, whilst we hear the warm memories that Shivum has of his father.