Dr Pepper

With a taste like "A Sexy Battery", Dr Pepper has always been a mysteriously delicious enigma. And we're not generally keen on things we don't understand or can't quite put our finger on. The unknown is scary. Especially if it's a bit weird. It's safer to stick to 'normal' stuff. It's nice, it's safe. A bit boring though.

But trying weird can be thrilling, liberating and surprisingly enjoyable. We need weird. It's the good stuff that shakes up our day-to-day. It keeps us exploring possibilities we'd never considered. It’s moved the human race forward.

Which is why we’re asking people to “Try More Weird” with Dr Pepper’s new platform.

And we’re bringing it to life across the country via OOH, activations (keep an eye for “the Weirdhole” forming near you) and lots of other weird stuff.CaseStudyPageImage_2240x1050px_DrPepper1CaseStudyPageImage_2240x1050px_DrPepper2