Pablo creates worlds longest restaurant sign for YO! Sushi

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We created the world’s longest restaurant sign to show people that Yo! Sushi offers way more than sushi.

The monster 121-character sign - YO!SushiRamenKatsuCurryBaoBurgerGyozaFriesYakisobaMochiBallsFriedChickenPopcornShrimpBeefTeriyakiChocolateBrownie - extended over 12ft and featured 17 options from the menu. Staff wore new uniforms, chefs wore bespoke hats and our human sandwich boards were 4 metres long. The CEO made an official announcement and the name change was reflected across YO!’s website, social media accounts and even the Deliveroo shop-front.

Sales were up 15% over the first month locally, with national sales up 6%.