Pablo's "The Panel" brings sporting expertise to brands


Few things get people (and us in particular) as excited as sport. High emotion, vivid imagery and moving human stories make it a compelling part of any brand’s communications programme – whether you’re in the business of sport or whether you’re simply leveraging it as a way of engaging more closely with your consumers.

As a member of the World Cup winning England Rugby team, Pablo Director Ben Kay has experienced sport at the highest level. However, it’s easy not to look beyond the glitz and glamour of a victorious match day and to forget the very real day-to-day grit and determination which elite athletes have to endure far away from the TV cameras.

Ben has brought these insights to the table for Pablo, allowing us to create powerful work for adidas, Eurosport, Aqua Pura and a number of other brands affiliated with the sports sector. We believe that by tapping into his experience, we’ve arrived at more authentic work that instinctively engages more deeply with audiences.

We wanted to be able to bring this level of insider knowledge to more brands; perhaps to your brand.

As such, we devised ‘The Panel’; a group of elite athletes from across the world of sport, who don’t simply help us to discover the ‘killer insights’ that ignite the creative process, but who sit with our creative teams as they are coming up with the ideas.

We think this is a unique proposition in advertising; work that comes from the blood, sweat and tears of athletes who have struggled and succeeded at the pinnacles of their sports. Work that harnesses the unseen - and largely unspoken emotion - that athletes go through: like pulling on a Lions shirt for the first time, or what’s going through their minds in the tunnel before a match.

If you’d like to hear more about this pioneering service, please get in touch.