Adidas Harlequins

Relaunching a rugby icon

The Brand Challenge

To launch the new Harlequins home/alternate shirt in an unexpected and bold way based on a true insight from the club and rooted in Harlequins’ core values.

The Humble Observation

The iconic quartered jersey is synonymous with Harlequins and steeped in history, but with the arrival of adidas and the fast paced, hi-tempo, ruthless rugby that Conor O’Shea has brought to the club, there is nothing old fashioned about what happens on the pitch.

Harlequins are a club proud of their youth system. The first team is heavily comprised of players who have come through the ranks, and they currently have the England captain at 3 different age groups.

The new shirt is an evolution of that iconic design, bringing the innovation of Adidas’ Formotion & Climalite technology mirroring Harlequins’ fresh style of innovative play.


The Alive Idea

‘Evolution of an Icon’

Bringing the insights together, this idea encapsulates how the iconic quartered Harlequins shirt has evolved into a sports jersey ready for the modern game.

Using an innovative camera technique ‘Timeslice’ footage would be created with an array of over 50 cameras to capture action in 3D. The footage would then be treated with LED particle and displacement effects to build the story of evolution as the shirt forms.